Monthly Archives: May 2014

Expressing the inner power – freely

  • What stops us from expressing our real human qualities beyond circumstances?
  • What is creating the gap between our intentions about ourselves and our existing quality of life?
  • How come that even when we are aware of that gap, we put efforts to close that gap and yet it works only partially?

If you find yourself disturbed, annoyed, bothered furious and even loosing big issues, it indicates that your own self-development needs a different attention from the way you are doing it so far. Otherwise – your reality would be the way you want it to be. Apparently thinking about it or reading about it do not give the wanted answers. Because – without shifting attitudes no real shift will take place. Actually – whenever we are trying to solve our confrontations by thinking about it, or by our logics – we are expressing our fear, and thus reinforce our past.

Shifting our reality necessitates several important steps, that all of them are important for the success of experiencing real freedom.

  • What is the real inner source of power of mine?
  • How do I want to express the inner power in real life?
  • What are my real desires of self-fulfillment?
  • How can I solve difficulties and confrontations without losing my freedom and without giving up on myself?
  • How do I communicate myself with my qualities and my limitations in such a way that it all turns into excellence?
  • How do I maintain my direction in life without ‘Losing-it’? These are the leading steps in self-development. There are all achievable. The question is are we willing to invest in ourselves to create our real freedom.