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My view


question mark 2Many times I was asked to relate to questions and confrontations. So, I am going to serve you by relating to questions that are send to me.
This opportunity is open for non-graduates of my trainings as well. The topics can be: personal growth, business development, parenthood, communication, intuition, team-work and more.

You can write your question here. The question and your details will not be published in order to keep your privacy.

I will filter the questions and answer at least 8 questions per week.
The answers will be answered in this blog, and summary will be placed on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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Live MY-LIFE properly, or, MY-LIFE can be much more fun

The surprise was confronting me without any warning. When we visited “universal-Studios”, a friend (“who wants friends like this?”) an official tour-guide of the studios, organized special tickets and sits for us for one of the shows. It was close to the stage. My friend places us in specific sits. I did not have a clue of what would happen. The place was full of more than 5000 people. It was a “live rock show”. In a specific moment the leader of the band pointed at a specific sit, where the person that was seated there was supposed to act completely ridiculous in-front of all the huge crowd, as a part of the show. Guess what – It was ME. NOW – I really had to choose fast: Hide like I felt like, or, let go of all my image and be ridiculous, involved and enjoy. (Later I found out that most people hide). I got completely spontaneous and crazy. Even the band were surprised. Later the band leader used me several times more, which they never do. When the show was over everyone in the crowd applaud to me including the band. I was proud, and my child and wife were shocked but proud too.

I found out that I used to do the same in many areas of my-life. Behave properly and get reasonable results and reasonable life. Since I crossed this “proper” attitude – all my life changed as a leader, as a parent, as a businessman, and as a trainer and professor.

Meeting many thousands of people in all areas of life, we limit our self-expression with many reasons, which all of them are just about “behaving – properly”. We can perform so much better and enjoy much greater successes, happiness and pride. Getting these people and businesses to cross their “proper” boundaries created outstanding results which short time earlier nobody would believe it was possible to achieve.

Most people seek these moments of inner power to express their uniqueness. All of them have the needed qualities, but they wait and wait and wait – properly.

Me and my real feelings

I faced a significant confrontation with myself, when I found myself completely flooded by my jealousy. My reactions were between strong feeling of anger to despair and giving up. My night sleep was very bad and eating was not an option. I suffered and struggled. But I knew that it was not my desire.

A different very significant confrontation that I faced was, during a war, while visiting many injured friends. Then I had a very strong feeling to run away and to save my life from similar reality, while I knew that as a human being, my leadership is going to be lost completely. Scary moment, but I knew it was not my desire.

In my parenthood I faced many other similar confrontations with my feelings. While on one hand my children looked like needing help and seeking agreement with their difficulties, and my feelings were guiding me to agree with them, yet I knew that this will lead to decreasing their power and increase their dependency.

Later, always later, I found out that those moments when I could be clear on the gap between my self-manipulative feelings and my real authentic desires and values, brought me to moments of inspiration to my children and my friends, while experiencing growth and real inner power. Those were the moments where what I needed and used my self-discipline as a significant generator for myself.

Many people seek these moments of inner power. All of them have the needed qualities, but they miss the how to develop it.