Authentic Freedom – Living Beyond Doubts


futureI had a unique insightful moment in my life. It was a moment of freedom and a complete new experience of making my real choices in life. I found the major source of my needs to protect myself from my mistakes in my challenges of life, and how I lost my intuition. An issue out of which I developed my fear of mistakes, that later forced me to plan many ways, skills and methods to defend myself from my fear of making mistakes. I found out that even though I was very successful in my life, it still was never enough. I HAD TO PROVE, to myself and others that I was good or even better. So even though my results were great, especially in comparison to others, I did not experience a real spirit of success and pride, as I still had to prove again.

That unique moment brought me, to create the Beyond-Doubt training.
In our real important choices we need our intuition. But, since we became worried about our abilities to be successful in our choices, we started to use logics in these important moments. Our logics are important for logical steps like planning or work. But – when we use our logics in important choices we actually are going to recreate our past into our future. Then our past and our logics are going to destroy our intuition. The Beyond Doubt training is solving this mechanism. The Beyond Doubt training is allowing the participant to re-write their future, by resetting the intuition back to where it should be.
Some of the results of Beyond Doubt are: Much stronger intuition, higher clarity and view of future life, much lighter way of self-management, high quietness in the mind, better night sleep, the need to prove to others is reduced drastically, and above all – harmony in life including practical life.