Source – How to be the power-source of your life?


All people are facing significant difficulties during their life. Only a few of them will maintain high self-loyalty, while most of them will survive the difficulties. What makes the difference between the two groups?

The answer is that the small group will be authentic and loyal to their inner power, while the majority will be victims of their circumstances and their reality. Above all the majority will be victims of their own attitude that they practiced for many times during their life. Attitude that shows up in sentences like: ‘what can I do, this is life’, or, ‘I did not have any other choice’ and at the bottom line statements: ‘I can’t handle it, and I am not good enough’.

How can you identify that you use such negative attitude over yourself? Look at you responses when circumstances do not match your desires, and when your feelings are negative. This will indicate a very clear attitude of loss of self-trust.

Is it possible to shift such an attitude to self-trust and inner power attitude? YES, it is possible, but it must be done by experiential learning. This is where the uniqueness of the Source training is. When graduates of the Source are completing their training – their commitment to themselves, their inner power and their ability to solve difficulties by being authentic and loyal to themselves is far better than before. Their vitality under all conditions is far higher. And above all they experience authentic freedom.