I was deeply touched, inspired and empowered by a sharing conversation that I had with a graduate. It was how she is managing her life. I heard that she is facing several significant challenges and confrontations in all main areas of life. And yet she came across very powerful, energetic and excited. At work – where she manages a significant part of a large company, her director got into ‘burn-out’, other directors are away, and she needs to manage the whole operation by herself. Much beyond her official tasks. At home – there were significant challenges how to handle the family, when there were health issues. Personally it is physically tiring. And in all these she is powerful and successful.

When I asked her – ‘how do you do it?’ her response was – ‘I am using every tool and method I got from the trainings, in real life’. This was the moment that I was touched. She really used what we are training, in real life. AND it worked. This is what my life is about. To serve people to make life working successfully including in confronting situations.

She did Essence, Source, Beyond-Doubt, Coaches academy and more.

This is exactly, where I decided to offer ‘Essence- Refresh’, Source – Upgrade and ‘Dare to be Intuitive’ to graduates.

It is great to hear these successes.

I would love to see graduates use these opportunities to create better quality of life.

Ess refresh


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