To fulfil the real me



What, How, Why, where am I in my life, the gap between who I can be and the actual use of my potential and talents.

Looking around – some of the ‘successful-people’. I know them, I met them. They are not really better than me. So what am I missing in me, that I am wasted? Not completely, but definitely it could look better.

 The few lines that are described above, are very common. In my experience of training and coaching many thousands of people, in high level of big and small companies, from entrepreneurs to government organizations.

The sad part is that the influence of these questions do not end with the people who are in the loop of these questions, but it continues to the next generation as-well: children, close family members, peers and employees.

 Can you identify yourself with some of the points mentioned above?

 It is very touching to see and to hear about many of those people, who went through some simple but effective processes, that these questions are solved successfully. Solved not for short term temporary hype, but significant and long-lasting shift of life.

 What is the secret? What is the trick?

The answer is, that there are no tricks. It has to start from creating the real-me through a very clear vision. A vision that is expressing – Not who I am “supposed” to be, and not who is it “Right” to be. The REAL-ME.

This vision, or in my words – my fulfilment dream, is and will be the source of the inner power which drives people beyond every difficulty and mistake. The generating power of people to express unique ideas and solutions into workable plans and achievements. In all areas of life. From business to relationships. From Studies to creativity and innovation. From corporates to one-man, home self-expression of art. From professionalism to Love.

All the people who force themselves to prove that they are successful, at the end of the process are wonder into the question – and now what?

The people who have a vision do not have this question. They have many others – but not the question of the need to force themselves.

The sad story is – that most people do not dare to dream any more. It is not common anymore. And those who dare to stop for a moment, to look at their own mirror and to really challenge themselves – try to solve it by the same way as before, and by themselves. They would go to a dentist for teeth problem, and to the supermarket for food. But when it comes to real self-fulfillment, then they are waiting for luck or god or anything, instead of using proven, available and easy methods that can get them to cross the bridge to the fulfillment of the REAL-ME.

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